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        Established in 1980, the Devil's Artisan (DA) is nada's 'Journal of the Printing Arts'. We foster an appreciation of the physil and social aspects of bookmaking in nada, reaching out to a global audience of typographic and printing arts enthusiasts who appreciate the value of the printed word even in this digital age.

        Latest Issues

        DA 90

        Spring/Summer 2022

        In This Issue:

        • Publishing P.K. Page: A Memoir, of Sorts by Tim Inkster
        • Down the Rabbit Hole: The Artists' Books of walking bird press by Dunn Major
        • Fairbank Italic by Richard Kegler
        • A Rogues' Gallery: Paul Forage by Sarah Lough
        • Kandid Kamera by Don McLeod
        DA 89

        Fall/Winter 2021

        In This Issue:

        • When One Who Loves Books Meets One Who Loves Making Them by Nigel Beale
        • John Wilson (Jack) McLaren by Shawn Henshall
        • The Art of the Bookbinder: Robert Wu by John Shoesmith
        • Trenton Wood Type by Richard Kegler
        • A Rogues' Gallery: Rick/Simon
        • & more ...
        DA 88

        Spring/Summer 2021

        In This Issue:

        • Ted Snider and Cranberry Mills by Gordon Sisler
        • A Conversation with Karen Schindler by Kevin Heslop and Karen Schindler
        • The David B. Milne Playing rd Project by Stan Bevington and Don McLeod
        • John Robert Colombo and Hawkshead Press by Chester Gryski
        • Bixler Roman by Richard Kegler
        • A Rogues' Gallery: Alan Stein by Don McLeod
        DA 87

        Fall/Winter 2020

        In This Issue:

        • Trading in the Real: Andrew King and Design on the nadian Prairies by Bonne Zabolotney and Joel Derksen
        • The Wonderful Worlds of Walter Trier, Illustrator by Warren Clements
        • Recuperating Magazine Digest: Jewish Identity and Cultural Nationalism in nadian Publishing by Jaleen Grove
        • & more ...

        More to Explore

        The Rogues' Gallery Dingbats Section

        The Devil's Artisan would like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the nada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.